When your pet travels it can be a worrying, stressful time for both pet and owner alike. We understand that even if you have never met your pet there are still concerns and you care as much as if you had them years- this is something we have experienced ourselves with our own pets .
We aim to make the journey as stress free as possible for both  you and your pet, therefore we offer you to contact us throughout the journey if you are worried so we can reassure you and try and get an update from our staff, We also provide daily updates and pictures of some of the pets on board thus giving you  peace of mind .


Our transport is designed with safety and comfort for your pet, we have cages secured  into place suitable for your pets size and needs, these are easily accessible for our staff to care for your pet throughout the journey including cleaning, feeding and walking but also serve a purpose being open that they can be monitored easily, with the option of covering some to reduce stress if required.
Our vehicles  have air conditioning/heaters and windows  to let in natural light - we feel that this helps the pets to be relaxed as they are used to changing conditions in light  and gives the more laid back pets the chance to view where they are going  and sightsee enroute.
For the more nervous/anxious /other issues with pets, we are able to  block the view of the other pets on board so they are less stressed , we ask for a bit of information regarding their personality so our staff know and are prepared  for their travel.
Food and water are supplied during the journey and are within the costs of our quotation for travel .

What we do for your pet during travel

*Stay with your pet constantly
*Exercise,feed and give water to your pet
*Give pets  attention throughout the journey
*Daily updates
*Administration of any medication required

All pets are carefully monitored en route by a member of staff,any issues will be relayed immediately to you by telephone.